Learn how to use CABINET VISION

with our interactive eFundamentals course

The CABINET VISION Version 12 eFundamentals is looking at the core skills and knowledge users need to begin their CABINET VISION experience.

Our Planit Instructors step new users through the course, starting from installation to and by the end have users drawing projects with CABINET VISION. Our aim is to have you well underway of the journey of using your software. 

For exisiting customers, this course is a great refresher to what you already know - and you may even pick up on a new tip or two. 

Students are given 6 months access to this course, allowing for everyone to learn at their pace, but also to go back and refresh your learning as you begin use CABINET VISION in your business. 

See below to discover the course outline and get an understanding of the lessons included with this eLearning Course. 

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Course Overview

  • 1

    Installing the Software

    • Preparing Your Computer

    • Permissions

    • Antivirus Software

    • Running The Installation Wizard

    • Licensing Your Software

    • Quiz: Installing the Software

  • 2

    The Splash Screen

    • Knowing The Splash Screen

    • Preferences

    • Quiz: The Splash Screen

  • 3

    Setting Up Jobs

    • Job and Room Properties

    • Cabinet Properties

    • Benchtop Properties

    • Quiz: Setting Up Jobs

  • 4

    Moving Around The Screen

    • The Area Tabs

    • Using Your Mouse

    • The Ribbon Bar

    • The Status Bar and Measuring Tool

    • Quiz: Moving Around The Screen

  • 5

    Creating A Room

    • Drawing Walls Part 1

    • Drawing Walls Part 2

    • Room Modifications

    • Doors and Windows

    • Quiz: Creating A Room

    • Drawing Rooms

  • 6

    Drawing A Small Kitchen

    • Placing and Sizing Cabinets

    • Placing Appliances

    • Counter Tops Part 1

    • Counter Tops Part 2

    • Floors and Ceilings

    • Quiz: Drawing A Small Kitchen

    • Drawing Your First Kitchen

  • 7

    Understanding Construction Methods

    • What is a Construction Method

    • The CABINET VISION Hierarchy

    • Editing the Construction Method

    • Quiz: Understanding Construction Methods

  • 8

    Building A Custom Cabinet

    • Getting To Know Section Editor

    • Splitting Up the Face

    • Splitting Up the Interior

    • Quiz: Building A Custom Cabinet

    • Creating Cabinets

    • Drawing A Custom Kitchen

  • 9

    Advanced Cabinet Editing

    • Cabinet Properties

    • Modifications to the Case

    • Advanced Face Options

    • Quiz: Advanced Cabinet Editing

    • Building Advanced Cabinets

    • Drawing A Large Kitchen

  • 10

    Saving Cabinets

    • Structuring Your Cabinet Library

    • Saving The Cabinets to the Library

    • Things To Watch Out For

    • Quiz: Saving Cabinets

    • Saving Cabinet Away

  • 11

    Presenting Your Drawings

    • The Drawings Page

    • Title Blocks

    • Sending Scenes to the Drawing

    • Marking Up the Drawing

    • Quiz: The Drawings Page

    • Presenting Your Drawings

  • 12

    Keeping Your Data Safe

    • Backing Up Your Data

    • Restoring the Data

    • Quiz: Keeping Your Data Safe

  • 13

    Capstone Project

    • Capstone Project

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